Junk Food

The Science of Junk food Addiction


This is a fascinating article about how scientists research and develop fast and processed foods that are addictive.  I warn you, it’s long but worth the read.

The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food in the New York Times

“Many of the Prego sauces — whether cheesy, chunky or light — have one feature in common: The largest ingredient, after tomatoes, is sugar. A mere half-cup of Prego Traditional, for instance, has the equivalent of more than two teaspoons of sugar, as much as two-plus Oreo cookies. It also delivers one-third of the sodium recommended for a majority of American adults for an entire day.”

It’s so important to eat whole, read foods, read labels and monitor your sugar, sodium and harmful fat intake!  If you want to eat health and lose weight, check out these military diet weight loss results.

Workout Regimen

New Workout Regimen


Long time no see! I have been plenty busy with my work and dance schedule but after a big performance this past Saturday (dance to a live band!) I’m freed up for the time being and this means back to a serious workout regimen.

I’m currently using Julia Valencia’s Metabolic Workouts as my strength and cardio, in addition to 4 dance classes a week, hot yoga (when I get the opportunity), walks now that it’s nicer here in Toronto, and my morning jog.

Food wise, I’m back to basics.  Lots of oatmeal, egg whites, brown rice, lean protein sources and vegetables.  My weakness has always been the weekend chocolate and dining out excursions but of course, if I want to make the most of my new routine, these things have got to go!

Here are The Top Three Ways to Stay Committed to your New Workout Plan

1. Talk about it. 

You may think that you will WOW your friends and family by suddenly appearing at an event fit and toned but the reality is that secret goals mean no accountability.  You may find yourself saying, “If I eat all of this junk food no one will ever know!”  The pressure to stay true to your goal and not have to admit defeat is usually enough for most people to keep with it.

2. Reinforce your Initial Motivation 

As mentioned I just did a performance…In a two-piece costume.  I was quite unhappy with the way I looked.  Also, despite dance keeping me healthy and active I *have* been losing the fantastic muscle tone I had from weight bearing exercise.

Every time you start to feel yourself losing track remind yourself why you’re in this.  Imagine the way you feel when you reach a milestone, the joy from kicking your butt in a workout, the satisfaction you feel when you can say no the unhealthy crap.  Use these positive feeling to expel any negativity that will cause you to slide off your new lifestyle.

3. Don’t give up

Mistakes are inevitable.  Actually they can be made into a positive force because they are a lesson.  You have to fail sometimes to realize how badly you want to succeed.  Throughout your journey there is going to be times when you say yes to unhealthy food or miss a workout, and that’s okay, if it’s temporary. you need to always be ready to get back to it.

As you all know, I’m shy about posting pictures but when I complete my three months on this program (July 22) I will take an after shot to show you all!  <—accountability nbsp=”” p=””>
Go Get ‘Em! 

Physical Plain

How Quickly will I See Results?


When people start their new fitness program one of the first things they ask (or wonder) is how soon they will see results.  Most think of results purely on the physical plain.  They want tone, weight loss, muscle etc but before these wonderful changes occur there are other results that will motivate a consistent workout regimen.  And consistency is key.  It WILL result in physical changes.

Here is a Timeline of Expected Results from Exercising

Week 1

  • You will be tired from a vigorous workout and you will start to sleep better.
  • If you are eating clean you will start to feel clarity and improved energy.
Week 2
  • You may start to notice that you are already getting through workouts easier.  Last week you could only do 10 pushups but now you can do 15!
  • If you have been drinking a lot of more water you will feel less bloated and may have dropped a couple of pounds of water weight.
Week 3
  • Beginners may start to notice results now.  Usually weight loss.
  • Exercisers  that have come back from a fitness hiatus will probably notice their muscles getting “a pump” again.
  • You feel better all day.  No more dozing off at 3pm, no more hitting up the vending machine mid-day. Your diet is supplying you with the nutrition you need to make it through the day and the workouts are motivating you to say no to temptation.
Week 4-6 
  • With consistency in diet and exercise real results are being noticed now.  Clothes fit better, weight loss has occurred (or muscle gain) and energy levels are through the roof.
  • Many people start to notice an increase in libido and self-confidence.
Week 6-12 
  • The body will be going through many changes.  Shoulders and arms will be getting toned while the waist will be slimmer.  Legs will start to show tone in the quads, hamstring and calves and the bum will be more shapely.
  • Strength and endurance will be significantly improved and you will find that the workouts you started with 6-12 weeks ago are way too easy.  You may have to push harder or change it up to continue seeing results.
  • Emotionally, you will be able to handle a lot more.  You are mentally tough.  The daily irritations that used to make you reach for the cookie jar don’t even register on your anger meter anymore.  Annoying co-workers?  Nosy Mother-In-Law?  You brush it off!
Don’t forget that muscle weighs more than fat.  Don’t let the scale dictate your success.  Look to the physical, psychological and emotional benefits first to determine if you are really changing and improving your body and lifestyle.
Fitness Facilities

Traveling is No Reason to Skip the Gym


Delicious food, decadent desserts, and the stress that comes so naturally with travel are just a few of the reasons travelers might want to stick to their exercise regime while on vacation. Whether you are traveling on business or for pleasure, you shouldn’t forgo working out simply because you are not at home or near your gym. Because travel can cause a great deal of stress, exercise is more important than ever as it can help to alleviate that stress and keep your waistline from expanding from all that vacation eating.

Fitness Facilities

Since you won’t be near your own gym, it is important that you research your hotel before booking it to ensure it is equipped with adequate workout equipment. Business or pleasure, you want to choose a hotel that has a fitness facility and/or exercise classes. Some hotels offer yoga classes and even beach fitness classes that allow you to get in a good workout and maintain your good health in between margaritas or meetings. Most hotels are equipped with a fitness room that includes treadmills, elliptical machines, and even weight machines. Make sure to do some research before booking a hotel in order to get the best out of your stay. On a recent trip to Maui I was able to book a hotel that had a 24-hour gym by using a site called Gogobot in order to do some research beforehand. Here I was given a list of Maui hotels that I could make a distinction about which hotels had the correct facilities. This way I could get my early morning weights in and hit the beach all day.

Running on Vacation

If you are not fond of the gym or you simply enjoy checking out the sights in a new city or town, running outdoors is always an option while you travel. A fun way to keep exercise from becoming boring is to run along new trails or along the city streets while taking in the view. Running is a great form of exercise as it helps to relieve the joint pain you might begin to experience after long bouts of sitting in airports, cars, or flights. It can relieve stress, improve your mood, and it gives you the opportunity to work out while becoming acquainted with the local area.

Stress and the Business Traveler

It’s not uncommon to experience a great deal of stress when traveling for business. Between leaving home, missing your family, spending extra time with coworkers or potential clients, and spending day after day in meetings can cause you to feel a little anxious. You can beat the stress of business travel by taking the time to work out during your travels. Every bit of exercise helps to relieve your travel stress. You don’t have to spend hours in the fitness room. You can exercise by donning your swimsuit and heading to the pool to cool off and swim a few laps at the same time. If you are at a hotel with a basketball or tennis court, you can even challenge a coworker to a quick match to get some exercise. No one said it has to be boring.