Craig-HeadI read a really heartwarming the story the other day about Craig Aucoin and his training partner Lloyd McClean.  These two are cycling for 85 days straight from St. John’s Newfoundland to Victoria British Columbia.  This journey stretches 8, 2000 km! Oh, did I mention they are doing this on a tandem recumbent bike?

The reason I find this story so touching is because Mr. Aucoin was a very active child and teenager, until he developed retinitis pigmentosa and lost his vision.  He had to give up all of his favourite activities.  He also couldn’t get his driver’s license, and for a teenager, that must have been incredibly difficult.
Craig has refused to let this stop him from continuing with his active lifestyle and he is embarking on a charity event to raise funds for the organizations that helped his through these difficult periods in his life: CNIB, Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind and YMCAs in Canada.  He has been inspired by Terry Fox and Rick Hansen for their ability to overcome obstacles, raise awareness to charities and have active lifestyles.

This is a sponsored post to help spread the word about this exciting and worthy cause.  I hope my readers will follow Craig and Lloyd on their journey and support them in any way that they are able.