Workout Regimen

New Workout Regimen


Long time no see! I have been plenty busy with my work and dance schedule but after a big performance this past Saturday (dance to a live band!) I’m freed up for the time being and this means back to a serious workout regimen.

I’m currently using Julia Valencia’s Metabolic Workouts as my strength and cardio, in addition to 4 dance classes a week, hot yoga (when I get the opportunity), walks now that it’s nicer here in Toronto, and my morning jog.

Food wise, I’m back to basics.  Lots of oatmeal, egg whites, brown rice, lean protein sources and vegetables.  My weakness has always been the weekend chocolate and dining out excursions but of course, if I want to make the most of my new routine, these things have got to go!

Here are The Top Three Ways to Stay Committed to your New Workout Plan

1. Talk about it. 

You may think that you will WOW your friends and family by suddenly appearing at an event fit and toned but the reality is that secret goals mean no accountability.  You may find yourself saying, “If I eat all of this junk food no one will ever know!”  The pressure to stay true to your goal and not have to admit defeat is usually enough for most people to keep with it.

2. Reinforce your Initial Motivation 

As mentioned I just did a performance…In a two-piece costume.  I was quite unhappy with the way I looked.  Also, despite dance keeping me healthy and active I *have* been losing the fantastic muscle tone I had from weight bearing exercise.

Every time you start to feel yourself losing track remind yourself why you’re in this.  Imagine the way you feel when you reach a milestone, the joy from kicking your butt in a workout, the satisfaction you feel when you can say no the unhealthy crap.  Use these positive feeling to expel any negativity that will cause you to slide off your new lifestyle.

3. Don’t give up

Mistakes are inevitable.  Actually they can be made into a positive force because they are a lesson.  You have to fail sometimes to realize how badly you want to succeed.  Throughout your journey there is going to be times when you say yes to unhealthy food or miss a workout, and that’s okay, if it’s temporary. you need to always be ready to get back to it.

As you all know, I’m shy about posting pictures but when I complete my three months on this program (July 22) I will take an after shot to show you all!  <—accountability nbsp=”” p=””>
Go Get ‘Em!